I always say being a mom is the one thing that allows you to be a million things at once…I’m a crisis prevention worker, first responder, and a therapist all rolled in one, and those are just to name a few. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Parenting Techniques

…like anything else using various styles and techniques are imperative for success. Because no two people are the same they should no be taught or reared the same. As a result I utilize several different parenting styles.

Baby Lead Rearing

…is believed to provide children with a sense of independence while developing a strong relationship between parent and child. Focusing on strong mental development, communication, self esteem and self control.

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Motherhood is hard enough there is no need for us to judge and make the job even harder we all have the same goal to nurture the best person we can.


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Celebrating and promoting positive imagery of Black mothers who choose to be Stay at Home Mothers. Breaking one stereotype at a time.

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