Mommie Schedules

Being a mother is a full-time job and that doesn’t include all the other things that we have to do. So its no wonder that we find ourselves forgetting our next task, walking in a room, and having no clue why we are there or getting off task altogether. And for me being the first time didn’t make staying on task any easier!

So to juggle it all, I started putting everything in my planner. This was something I was big on before I became a mother, but I did not realize how much this kept me on track until my son was born. If you’re like me your daily list looks a bit like this….

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Paying Bills
  • Cleaning
  • Blog & Vlog Planning
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Play Date (Before Covid-19)
  • Girls Night
  • Scheduling Home Repairs
  • Scheduling Auto Maintenance

…and that’s just to name a few.

Naturally, this can make you a bit crazy trying to keep track of all that in your head. In addition to my list of things I also have to be aware of what my husband has going on; work, meetings, games, workout sessions, work meetings, practice, and his traveling schedule. This is when things started to get out of hand and we began using a family calendar application that synced with our phone calendar and provided us with notifications of our events. This was a lifesaver for sure!!!

The plan is the plan and we must execute said plan at all cost!

WRONG…Think of your schedule as more of “guidelines or suggestions”. Things that have to be done no matter what, prioritize those first. For example bills, self-care, grocery shopping, and home and auto maintenance have to be done. Things like cleaning, planning, or reorganizing can be done another day. Which leads me to my next point. Bo okay with not getting everything done, it took Wonder Women days to save the world and she had superhuman powers. So relax and be okay with the fact that you were productive and made progress. We praise our children for learning 4 out of 26 letters in the alphabet. Make sure you give yourself that same energy.

Change Direction

Adjustments sometimes have to be made and that’s ok. In the famous words of Bruce Lee “be like water” in other worlds just go with it. If you planned a walk for the morning and it rains, skip the walk or move it to the evening. You can always come up with a modified plan. Take a breath, relax, and regroup. It’s going to be OKAY mommy.

Finally, have a spillover planner or page. Use the spillover space for jotting down thoughts, Creating a list, prioritize, and remind yourself of things throughout the day.

3 thoughts on “Mommie Schedules

  1. Excellent post, I a planner girl at heart and I love lists! After becoming a Mom like yourself I quickly realized that my system worked but some revisions had to be made. I have learned to give myself grace in my daily schedule. Some days there are triumphs and other days there are trials. I really liked your spillover planner concept. I do something similar with my to do list! Thanks for sharing


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