Re-introducing Yourself To You

When we become mothers we focus on the happiness of our family of our friends and our children. Too often our needs and happiness sit on the back burner simmering until everyone else has been taken care of.

We sometimes forget who we are. Do you know what makes you happy? Do you know what you like? Do you know what makes you smile What genuinely gives you that chasing rainbows pot of gold feeling?

If you answered no or you’re not sure or you think so! That’s fine and there is nothing wrong with your answer. Sometimes it’s hard for us to get to know ourselves all over again.

Throughout the years we change as women. What we like changes throughout the years. What makes us happy changes sometimes our favorite foods change. We are constantly changing and growing which are apart of life. It’s OK that sometimes we forget to get to know our new selves. 

There’s this old saying that goes “if you don’t know what makes you happy, how can anyone else make you happy”.

I believe the validity behind the statement if you can’t make you happy, how can you expect someone else to. 

So I challenge you as a mother and woman to get to know yourself. Take your self out figure out who you are. Do you like flowers? What are your favorite flowers? Do you like to cook or do you prefer to have your meals prepared for you? Do you like to work out, what type of exercises do you prefer? Would you rather go to the gym or work out at home? Do you favor to be outside or snuggled up indoors?

Let’s dive even deeper what is your love language do you like gifts or words of admiration or maybe both? Do you like cute pet names like cutie and honey? Do you like to be flirty and flirted with? Do you like to be goofy and silly? What is silly to you what do you consider fun or funny? Do you like bike riding or the clichĂ© long walks on the beach? Do you fancy rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, or reading a book what about you makes you who you are?

Of course, you’re a woman you may even be a mother, wife, girlfriend significant other. But what else you’re not just someone’s daughter, sister, friend, or coworker. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE!!! Who are you outside of all these labels. These questions can be really hard to answer. So here are a few techniques to help you figure out what you like and what makes you happy, what you consider fun!

Everyone is talking about self-care and apart of that is getting to know ourselves. Do you remember dating when people would pull out all the tricks to appease and appeal to you? It’s time for you to date you don’t just take a minute or a moment take real-time to enjoy yourself and figure out what makes you happy.

Go to places you don’t normally frequent. Try visiting a florist shop look around do you like what you see?

Hang out in the bookstore do you like the quiet corners tucked away? What about museums do you like history, sports, or art what do you enjoy?

Create a dream grocery list what would you purchase if you could buy anything in the world any food!  

Do you crave cheese and expensive wine or maybe decadent desserts like Macarons and Crème BrĂ»lĂ©e? 

Flip through a look book build your dream closet what’s your style? Do you like a class or an edgy look. What about faux leather and fur. 

Taking a look at our feelings and emotions is very important. How did you feel today? Did you have any triggers today? What made you smile and laugh. Did you feel jealousy or anger and what caused those emotions? 

Try keeping a journal or a voice log of how you felt throughout the day. Write down 10 things about your day that you loved and three things that weren’t so great. 

Have a conversation with yourself how did you get through those hard parts of your day. What things help you cope with your problems. What concerns do you have about yourself? Do you have a temper or are you “too nice”? What are your favorite corks and traits about yourself?  

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself! Buy yourself things that you only need but like as well. Dote on yourself look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing and beautiful you are. 

All of these are things that I had to work on and continue to work on. I had to understand that the young lady I was at 18 I’m not anymore. Come to think of it I’m not that 21-year-old or 25-year-old either. So now 30, a wife, and a mother I had to re-introduce myself to me. 

Hi, my name is Courtney what is yours.

9 thoughts on “Re-introducing Yourself To You

  1. This was so good. I love the idea of visit a flower shop to see what you like. Selfcare is so important but who are you?


  2. This was such a great read and love your suggestion of taking a day and going to a florist, bookstore etc. My hubby and I were just talking about this and how I have done this since we met. Oh trust, this isn’t something that I have always done. But, after losing myself to all of the titles etc in my my first marriage. I made the decision never to allow that to happen again. It is truly amazing learning who you are and the things that you love or enjoy. Thank so much for sharing this was again an awesome read.


  3. Umm ma’am you better get us all the way together! This blog post was great! You really asked some questions that really made me think about what I like . Questions I’ve never asked myself!


  4. Mommy’s making themselves a priority is so important I’m a advocate for it . We gotta show up for ourselves the same way we show up for others.


  5. Wow, this is such a great post!! A lot happened from 20 to 25 and I feel as though it’s time I reintroduce myself to me as well. Thank you for this read Courtney, I am Bianca by the way.


  6. Love this post, Courtney. As many times as I’ve heard & seen it, I still struggle with the idea that who I am as a person is just as important (if not more than!) as the role I carry in everyone else’s life. I really need to spend time figuring out who I am bc I’m just like you, in that I know I’m definitely not the same person I was even a year ago! It’s crazy to admit it.


  7. I love the ideas for thinking of your dream grocery list and wardrobe. Even little things like that can fall to the side when you’re worried about everybody else but yourself.


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