It’s Playtime

Playtime can be fun, educational, and exciting. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your little one and to learn more about the way they think. I try to spend at least an hour playing with my son no matter how tired or exhausted I am. Sometimes it consists of me just laying in the flooring moving a race car in circles.

Recently we’ve added dress-up costumes to my son’s collection of toys. He had a firefighter, surgeon, and an astronaut!! Before having these items my son loved to role play pretending to be anything from a repairman to a chef!

Now playing pretend does seem silly and fun but did you know it has so many benefits to a child’s development. Children who engage in role-play and dress-up can exercise their vocabulary, learn, and practice emotions. Studies have shown that children who play dress foster empathy, possess leadership skills, and stronger imagination which has been linked to critical thinking and problem-solving.

Role-playing and dress-up don’t have to be full-on costumes and garbs something as simple as a box or a napkin tube can open your child’s mind to a world of imagination!
Here are some tips for role-playing with your little one!

🧝🏽‍♀️Think of characters and roles your child is showing interest in.
🧝🏼Find creative and simple ways to implement role-playing and dress up in your daily life. Repairing or putting something together around the house allows your child to safely assist. Explain to them what you are doing ask them questions and praise them for their efforts as an assistant repair person.
🧝🏿‍♂️Don’t break the bank (unless you want to) look for sales after the holidays.
🧝🏾Don’t constrict your child to “gender norms” little girls grow up to be great fire chiefs and little boys grow up to be amazing nurses. This will show your child that they can be whatever they want and respect individuals in those fields.
🧝🏾‍♀️Listen to you your child take their cues and don’t be scared to join in but you have been warned toddlers have the worst customer service and bedside manners!!

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