Mommy Must Haves

Being a mom is hard work so it pays to have your go-to tried and true products! I’ve always been the brand loyal type but once I had my son it kicked into overdrive! I’m always looking for the next product or service that’s going to make my life a little bit easier

Today I’m going to let you in on a few of my mommy must-haves!!

First up we have the Amazon Dot! This little pieces of technology is a lifesaver! Enables with Alexa and the capability to sync with most home security systems and other part devices it’s perfect for me! My favorite feature of the Echo Dot is the communications drop in and announcement feature. No matter where I am I can send a message to all Alexa Enables devices! It’s basically an intercom system without breaking the bank. And for those days that my hands are full with a simple voice command Alexa I can turn on the lights of any room and adjust the thermostat!!
Washing my son’s hair use to be a battle! It got so bad I found myself skipping his wash days, but with a quick Amazon search, I’ve found the perfect solution to my problem! The shower cap allows me to wash my son’s hair without a fight. Just strap the visor around his head and get to work!! No water in the face no tears no problem…
Fashion glasses…YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Sometimes I’m just not in a makeup mood or I’m too tired and it shows! Try adding some fashion glasses to your look to jazz it up without spending hours in the mirror!
Try some of these out and you can thank me later!
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner
Next up in no particular order is our touch lamp! Having a toddler means you basically have a kid that thinks they know and can do it all! So to help my little guy feel more independent we gave him a light that even he can reach and turn on and off. With just the touch of a hand, this lamp can be adjusted to the perfect light setting.

Durable iPad case yes, please! Screen time is a big deal In my house so it’s super important that we protect any devices that my toddler may get his hands on! This case is amazing! With a snap on the screen protector and foam-like case that bounces when dropped reducing the impact that the device takes I would recommend this product any day!!!
At the end of the day do you find that you haven’t drunk enough water? Or find yourself using too much one-time-use plastic bottles? I keep a cup with a straw nearby! My cup holds about 30oz of water and I’m sure to take it with me most places! This helps me keep track and stay on top of my water intake while reducing waste. And the best part is that I can just refill the cup where ever I am!!

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